What the heck is point propagate wagering?

What Does The Half Point Line Mean In Betting?

Conversely, if you bet on the LA Lakers to win – the favorites – and they lose by less than 5 points, or they win, you’re in the money. A final score of in favor of the LA Lakers is an automatic win for you. In other words, if the LA Lakers win by fewer than 5 points, the bet loses and if the LA Lakers win by 6 points or more, the bet wins. NFL handicapping in sports betting lexicon means ‘leveling the playing fields’ so that both NFL teams have odds worthy of betting on.

Point spread bettors would be wise to research how a team does against the spread in every environment, such as when they are the favorites, underdog, on the road, etc. It is a very good idea to shop around to find the best line when you are betting on sports. Books may offer slightly different lines, and you might be able to gain a point or half a point in your favor on certain markets. Consider an NBA game between the Heat and the Lakers – one firm has the Heat 9.5 point favorites and another have the Heat as 8.5 point favorites. You back the Heat with the second firm and they win by exactly nine points. Here you’ve gone from a loss to a win simply by shopping around, and in the long run this will make a big difference to your bottom line.

How to profit from betting on sports over the longterm today, we’re going to be covering in our sports betting 101. In order to get the best spread, you’ll need to shop around. Those who are serious about sports betting always have accounts at two, three or four sites. They review the sites on a daily basis, looking for the most opportunistic spreads.

However, with a point spread, the playing field is leveled, which makes both sides of the bet equally as attractive since the odds are generally close to -110 for both teams. In a point spread bet, the favored team is indicated with a minus (-) sign and a number. The favored team must have a score more than the number of points indicated. The “more than” is crucial because if the favored team wins the game by the exact number of points indicated by the spread, then those who bet on the favored team do not win the bet. In this scenario, all bettors would have their original bets returned. Because of this, many point spreads are indicated with a half point to eliminate the push.

For now, we’ll zoom into the way the number works — how to read the point spread betting lines. In the above example, taking the points would mean the player is betting on the Knicks to either win outright or lose by less than 7.5. Since they could never lose by a half-point, they must lose by 7 or less for the bet to win. If the Lakers win by 8, the player taking the points would lose the bet.

A push occurs when the favorite wins by a margin IDENTICAL to the point spread. When that occurs, bettors have the full amount of the wager returned to them. For an over bet to be a winner, both teams would score a combined number of points that exceeds 45.5 and those who make an under bet would be hoping the total score was under 45.5. Generally, you will be betting $110 for every $100 you hope to win, though a little research can help you get a better price. Prop bets, or “proposition bets,” can be on literally just about anything.